Live Exam Prep Course April 7th-10th College Station TX

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Hello, I registered for the College Station April 7-10 training last week. The site displayed a payment successfully received notice, but I never got a receipt emailed to me. Perhaps I mistyped my email address?

I am wanting to confirm that I am registered for the class and obtain a copy of the receipt.


I need to sign up for the “Live Exam Prep Course ” but I am unable to use our University credit card on an unencrypted/unsecure site such as this. I’ve been trying since the exam course was first posted to get this resolved so I could sign up. I believe Don Gilman has been in contact with you about this problem and it was indicated to him that the problem would be corrected by now. However, there doesn’t seem to be any movement on getting the problem resolved.
Is there another more secure way that I can use the University credit card to sign up? If you could reply to this email with a phone number where I could contact you?

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