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Angela Who Failed the First Time

Michael (PM Mentors team) Prior to your training, I had spent a lot of money with external formal training, books and flashcards in preparation for passing the PMP exam. Of course, after receiving that “NO PASS” across the computer screen, I was highly disappointed with myself personally and monetarily. If it had not been from a word of mouth of “PM Mentors” success and passionate instructor by a former student/mentor – I would NOT have stumble on your training. Following your PM recipe and ALL-IN-ONE PM smart book was MY LOTTERY ticket to passing this exam. You provide more than memorization of the 42 processes, but the understanding each process and how to address the situational processes questions. Most importantly; the 4-day of PMP POWER review and additional templates to are in my toolkit to taking on my next project. His training WILL pass the PMP exam. Based on the other testimonies; we all echo “THANK YOU” for having these three letters (PMP) behind my name has been nothing but achievement and marketable in today’s job market. Since, I have passed the exam – I have accepted a new position with a new career and monetary rewards. THANK you AGAIN MIKE!!I am spreading the word to everyone 🙂 If you are reading this –– get on board with PM Mentors team and professionally you will receive an internal promotions and future job opportunities.

A Manager Who
Set Up the Training

“I am even more sorry now that I couldn’t be at the Project Management Overview today, because the response was 100% positive! I got great feedback. The exit forms I collected were unanimous that they would recommend the class to others. Thirteen respondents indicated a desire to have the two-day class. One of my staff and I would also want to attend, although we missed today, so that makes fifteen. “XXXX” is very interested in scheduling a session of the two-day training for our team in July.” Thank you for doing this. The group really enjoyed and got a lot out of it. We look forward to working with you more.”

Professional Development Center at UT Austin

“Michael Airaudi has taught for the Project Management Certificate Program at The University of Texas at Austin Professional Development Center since February, 2002. He has consistently received outstanding reviews from the students for his responsiveness, clarity, and command of the subject. He is an asset to our program!”

After a Project Management Seminar

“Michael, Thank you for presenting Project Planning – Executive Sponsor Overview at Region 6’s Strategic Planning Workshop on last week! I have received so much positive feedback about your presentation that I’m positive that staff realize and appreciate the fact that you guys are here to help. Again thank you for your presentation and your flexibility.”